Short-term rentals | Tuscania

Short-term vacation
rentals in Tuscania
All three of the apartments we
offer for short-term rental in
Tuscania are fully furnished -
and all is included!
above:  Boscolo
Casa Vacanzes
"San Francesco"
The other two wings of the former monastery
were rennovated in 2000 and are now occupied
by a school for professional chefs, the Boscolo
Etoile Academy.
The two appartments in Largo
della Pace are located in the
north wing of a monastery
founded by Franciscan monks
soon after St. Francis of Assisi
visited Tuscania in1222. These
appartments have just been
Boscolo Etoile Academy Tuscania
Casa Vacanze "San Francesco"
All the comforts of home
Casa Vacanzes San Francesco, Tuscania
Our apartments
are ideal for
visitors to Italy
who want to stay
put in one place
for a while ("Slow
Tourism") or for
students taking
courses at the
Boscolo Etoile
logo of the Casa Vacanze